Australian Visas and Migration – About Us

At ILM Australia, we know the importance of having prudent migration advice. We understand what is required in being ‘eligible’ to apply for an Australian Visa and the processes required in being ‘successful’ for the grant of an Australian Visa.

We are a Melbourne-based Migration Consultancy Firm with extensive experience in Australian Migration matters, including the following Australian Temporary and Permanent Residency migration categories:


We are also proficient in handling the following Complex Australian Migration Matters:

♦ Visa Cancellation and Refusals     ♦ Character Cancellation and Refusals     ♦  Health Requirement Refusals     ♦ Bogus Document Cancellations and Refusals     ♦  Ministerial Intervention Requests     ♦ Migration Review Tribunal Appeals     ♦  Refugee Review Tribunal Appeals     ♦  Administrative Appeal Tribunals     ♦ Federal Magistrates Court, Federal Court, Full Federal Court and High Court Appeals     ♦ Submission Writing for all Migration matters     ♦  Complex Migration Cases     ♦ Freedom of Information 

We offer a personal service tailored to our client’s needs, no matter how large or small the matter. We are ‘problem solvers’. We provide our clients with solutions that make sense commercially and are expressed clearly and concisely.

Every matter at Immigration Law Matters is handled by expert Australian Migration team and a strong professional team committed to working to the highest professional standards with state of the art facilities. We care about our clients. We have built lasting relationships with many clients and strive to continue to do so with our new clients.

Our success results from the firm’s uncompromising adherence to principles of professionalism, integrity, reliability and commitment to the delivery of timely and sound advice.

Our Directors
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Sophie Mir
Youssef Haddad
Ms Sophie Mir

Mobile: 0452 225 100 | Email: sophie@ilmaustralia.com 

Sophie Mir is a Director and Principal Registered Migration Agent with ILM Australia. She is also a founding member.

Sophie’s migration specialization is in Australian Skilled Migration and Work Visas. She has a strong understanding of Skills Assessment requirements for various occupations, including all Engineering an IT disciplines. Her Engineering background allows her to specifically specialize in Engineering Assessments which reflects the successful outcomes she receives from Engineers Australia.

Sophie’s strong understanding in occupational assessments and high attention to detail is a key success factor in her Australian Migration outcomes. She will only lodge decision ready applications once she is satisfied that you have provided her with all the necessary documents and they meet her high standards of excellence.

Her attention to detail is also why Sophie is a specialist in Business Visa Migration. Her extensive experience and knowledge in business visas is reflected in the high demand for her expertise from the Middle East. She understands that business is conducted differently in the Middle East and is displayed in her ability to apply Middle Eastern business practices to Australian Business Migration.

Sophie also handles all of our Student Visas.  Sophie is originally from Iran and also speaks fluent Persian.

Mr Youssef Haddad

Mobile: 0403 676 452 | Email: youssef@ilmaustralia.com 

Youssef Haddad is a Director and a Principal Registered Migration Agent with ILM Australia. He is also a founding member.

Youssef is one of our leading Australian Migration Consultants and specializes in complex migration cases. Youssef has a strong understanding of the Migration Act and the Migration Regulations which allows him to effectively resolve complex migration matters.

Some of the matters that Youssef specializes in include Character Cancellations, Bogus Documents, Health Waivers, Onshore un-lawful Criteria, visa refusals.

Youssef handles all of our Migration and Refugee Review Tribunal Cases and is also responsible for representing our clients for Ministerial Intervention. Youssef has a high success rate when representing his clients which is a reflection of his sound understanding of Australian Migration legislation and devotion to the Migration Advice Profession.

Youssef also handles all of our Refugee and Humanitarian Visas and all other Family and Partner Migration Streams.When dealing with Youssef, you can expect to receive realistic and honest migration advice. You will have a clear understanding of your rights and responsibilities available to you under Australian Migration Law.

Youssef is originally from Lebanon and also speaks fluent Arabic.

“The result is the highest quality Australian Migration Advice and Representation”

Our Firm – Immigration Law Matters Pty Ltd

Our History

Immigration Law Matters was established in the mid 2005’s. The firm has continually grown since its foundation and has developed an envied reputation for the relentless protection of our clients’ interests. We have established clientele with interests in Australia and worldwide. The firm includes Migration Agents with diverse backgrounds that have the experience and legal skills to handle a wide variety of legal matters. Being registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) means that we are accountable, under Australian Law, for the Immigration Advice that we provide. This means that you will get the RIGHT advice every time. We are committed to providing the highest quality Australian Migration advice.  

Our Objective

To provide appropriate and cost-effective Australian Migration advice and assistance creating a win/win situation for our clients in an environment of first-class personal service.  

What Constitutes Win/Win?

Australian Migration advice must be appropriate to the personal or commercial background in which it occurs. We listen closely to ensure that we understand our clients’ instructions. Time and costs can be squandered if the representative does not come to grips with the issues from the start. Immigration Law Matters is well known as a jargon-free zone. We realize the importance of providing advice in clear, concise and consistent language. In complex migration cases, your representative will select and recommend a course of action which is likely to lead to the least expensive and best possible resolution. Equally, in non-complex situations, we stress the need for our representatives to think laterally to seek imaginative solutions. This fresh, client-oriented approach of Immigration Law Matters can cut time and save costs.  

Our Promise

As our valued clients you have our assurance that:

    •  We place our clients’ interests first
    •  We seek imaginative solutions to your problems within the constraints of the Law
    •  We will confer regularly with you and will respond promptly to your enquiries
    •  We will continue to maintain the highest standards of professional competence
    •  We will provide value for the fees which are charged
    •  We will uphold the principle of Confidentiality
    •  We value integrity and reliability above all
    •  We will maintain Professional Indemnity Insurance
    •  We will deposit all fees charged into a Clients Account which are required to be maintained until the work or service has been completed.
    •  We will abide by a professional code of conduct 


          We will abide by a Professional Code of Conduct which can be found at www.mara.gov.au