Benefits of Appointing An Australian Registered Migration Agent

Registered   Migration   Agents (RMAs) are bound to abide by the professional and ethical directives contained in the Code of Conduct, a legally enforced code administered by the Office of the MARA. By appointing a registered migration agent you can be rest assured that your application will be dealt with in a professional and efficient manner. We are Registered with the Australian Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority.


Please view the attached Australian Government video which highlights the importance of using an Australian Registered Migration Agent: WHY YOU SHOULD USE AN AUSTRALIAN REGISTERED MIGRATION AGENT

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MARA Registration – RMA’s are administered by an Australian Government led organisation also known as the Migration Agents Registration Authority.


Continuing Professional Development – This ensures that RMA’s maintain and update their professional skills in relation to Australian immigration law.


Legitimate Interests
 – A migration agent must always act within their client’s best interests in mind and should provide relevant and up to date advice.


– Registered migration agents have a duty to preserve a client’s personal and confidential information at all times.


Professional Library 
– Registered migration agents have a duty to keep and maintain a professional library of Australian Migration Legislation.


Professional Conduct – Registered migration agent’s professionalism must be reflected by a sound working knowledge of the Migration Act 1958 (Cth) and the Migration Regulations 1994 (Cth).


Time Efficiency – RMA’s are required to provide an efficient service and must act in a timely manner if the client has provided all the required information.


Clients Monies Account
 – Under Australian Law, the Code of Conduct requires any monies paid by a client to be maintained in a RMA’s ‘Clients Account’ until the service or work has been performed.


Professional Indemnity Insurance
 – Under Australian Law, the Code of Conduct requires all RMA’s to maintain a specified amount of Professional Indemnity Insurance.


No Hope of Success
 – Under Australian Law, the Code of Conduct requires all RMA’s to advise clients in writing if your visa application OR your eligibility to apply and be granted a visa has ‘no hopes of success’. 

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