The Purpose of Australian Skilled Migration

  • The purpose of Australia’s Skilled Migration Program is to attract highly employable people for migration to Australia. Eligibility is based on your skills and qualifications including your age, occupation, education, work experience and English Skills (you may include partner skills if applicable). 
  • If you are successful in Skilled Migration you and any family members may be granted Australian Permanent Residency. This means that you can enter and remain in Australia indefinitely and be entitled to most of the rights afforded to Australians including work, education, health and social security benefits.
  • You will also be eligible to sponsor any family members to Australia. 
  • You do not need to work in your occupation if you are granted this visa.
  • As a permanent resident you may also be eligible to apply for Australian Citizenship once you have lived in Australia for 4 years. 
  • Please view the following Australian Government video for a general overview of Australian Skilled Migration: AUSTRALIAN SKILLED MIGRATION

Why is Australian Skilled Migration the Most Common and Realistic pathway to Migrate to Australia?

Australian Skilled Migration is the most realistic pathway to migrate to Australia because you are applying independently based on your skills and qualifications. This means that you DO NOT need an Australian Company to sponsor your visa application.

Unlike Student Visas or Tourist Visas (which involves an assessment of whether you intend to stay in Australia Temporarily), you will not be assessed against the ‘Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement’. This means that no matter where you come from or what passport you hold your skilled visa application will only be assessed against your skills and qualifications. Australian Skilled Migration is Permanent Migration.

For Australian Employment visas (which require an Australian Company to sponsor your visa application), the employer must satisfy the Department of Immigration that there is a genuine need for the employee to occupy a full time position. This requirement is best satisfied when you are already in Australian and have been working for the Australian Company. 

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Why You Should Use Our Firm for Australian Skilled Migration?

Stage 1 (Skills Assessment) is the most important stage of Australian Skilled Migration. The reason why your skills assessments are so important is because your assessment outcome will determine what your nominated occupation will be equivalent to according to Australian Standards. Using our firm ensures that you receive the best assessment outcome for your nominated occupation. Our experience and knowledge in specific occupational assessment requirements with the various assessing bodies ensures the best outcome every time.

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For Australian Skilled Migration we offer a No Win FULL Refund’ policy for your visa application. In other words, if your visa is refused we will refund your visa application charges and our professional feesThis policy re-enforces our extensive experience and knowledge in Australian Skilled Migration. We are the only Australian Migration Consulting firm to offer this policy from anywhere in the world.

Immigration Law Matters has handled applications for all skilled migration subclasses and most skills assessing authorities and we can assist you in navigating the options to reach a successful outcome. We DO NOT just fill in visa application forms. Our job is to manage your case from start to finish and help you prepare your documents in accordance with legal requirements. If there are any changes in Australian Migration policy during the Skilled Migration process our duty is to manage these changes in light of your individual circumstances.

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Due to our firms Middle Eastern and Asian background, we understand the occupational characteristics of our clients from the Middle East/Asia. We understand that occupational titles and specific duties/responsibilities in the Middle East/Asia differ considerably from that of Australian classifications and it is our job to align the two together. We also speak Arabic and Persian.

Occupations that we are highly proficient in and of which we process a large number of Successful Skilled Visa Applications include (but not limited to): Engineers (All Types), Architects, Accountants, Teachers, Trade Occupations, Chemists, Medical Professionals, IT Professionals and Telecommunication Professionals.

We are Registered with the Australian Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority. Please view the attached Australian Government video which highlights the importance of using an Australian Registered Migration Agent: WHY YOU SHOULD USE AN AUSTRALIAN REGISTERED MIGRATION AGENT.

Australian Skilled Visa Online Assessment

Complete an online Australian Skilled Visa Assessment to assess your eligibility to apply for Migration to Australia