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16 Apr

New Australian Student visas from 1 July 2016

From 1 July 2016, the Department of Immigration will introduce a simplified international student visa framework. The new framework will: there will be two only student visa subclasses: Subclass 500 (Student) and Subclass 590 (Student...

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23 Sep

Australian Student Visas and Working Rights

The work conditions offered as part of a student visa provide an opportunity for international students to gain cultural experience during their stay in Australia, and can also help them improve their English language skills....

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21 Aug

Top Universities in Australia by Region 2014/15

If you’re looking at study options in the Land Down Under, you may have noticed that there are 31 top universities in Australia to choose from in the QS World University Rankings. The majority can...

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25 Jun

Australian Migration for 2014 – 2015

A total of 190 000 places make up Australia’s 2014-15 migration programme, as announced by the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection on Budget Day. Breaking down the numbers, next year’s programme planning levels comprise:...

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23 Jun

English Language Tests Equivalency Scores for Australian Migration – Effective November 2014

English Language Equivalency Scores for Australian Migration - Effective November 2014 A summary of test score equivalencies for all English language tests accepted by the Department from November 2014 is provided above. Test scores from the...

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25 Apr

UN Sanctions placed on Iranian and Syrian Students

Immigration Law Matters has been informed that some Australian Universities are no longer accepting new enrollments for Iranian and Syrian Nations. We have been told that this measure is temporary. Immigration Law Matters have voiced their concerns...

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08 Apr

DIAC Announces Changes to Student Visa Cancellations

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) has recently made an announcement on the removal of automatic and mandatory student visa cancellations from 13 April 2013. A discretionary cancellation will be used instead. As stated in...