flight-discountFlight Discount Program and Client Referral Program

Immigration Law Matters is proud to offer our clients a Flight Discount Program and the Client Referral Program – it is our way of saying Thank You for working with our firm.

 Flight Discount Program

All clients who engage in our services will have access to our Flight Discount Program.

Our Flight Discount Program offers all of our clients and their immediate family members the opportunity to travel at discounted prices – guaranteed or you fly for free.

The Flight Discount Program is valid for the duration of your stay in Australia. This also includes if you have decided to stay in Australia Permanently.

Special Offer

For a limited time only, ILM is offering the first 20 Australian Skilled Migration Visa applicants who engage in our Professional Service a free one way airline ticket to Australia when their visa is granted. The airline ticket is for travel to any part of Australia from any destination in the world and is valid for 1 x Adult Passenger.

Client Referral Program

Immigration Law Matters prides itself on our professional migration services and we rely heavily on word of mouth for our valued clients. To this extent, we offer all people who refer clients to our firm (and end up working with our firm) a reward.

You may use your reward towards the cost of a purchase of an airline ticket or may choose to be reimbursed instantly.

If you have a client you would like to refer to our firm we would be extremely thank you for your belief and confidence in our firm.

Please introduce your referral via our General Inquiry Form