Online Visa Assessment Service

The Online Visa Assessment Service can be used to assess your eligibility to apply for the following Australian Visas: SKILLED VISAS | BUSINESS VISAS | EMPLOYMENT VISAS | STUDENT VISAS  | TOURIST VISAS | REFUGEE VISAS

Visa Assessment Options:

Detailed Visa Assessment Service

  • No obligation consultation and can be used for clients in any location
  • Can be used for multiple visits.
  • All questions and concerns about your case will be discussed and addressed.
  • All possible pathways will be addressed and any potential risks or complexities will be advised.
  • For MRT / RRT / Ministerial Intervention cases, we will specifically advise you of your prospects of success, citing Case Law applicable to your case.
  • We will examine any documents you provide us (for example any correspondence you may have from the Immigration Department, Resumes, Work References, Academic Transcripts etc).
  • For Australian Skilled Migration we will closely examine you academic qualifications and work experience to determine the most appropriate skilled occupation for migration to Australia. We will also closely examine your eligibility for a skills assessment with the relevant assessing body and your eligibility to apply for Expression of Interest, including Australian State Sponsorship (if required). We will also provide you with a break down in the Skilled Points you have been awarded for the Points Test.
  • If you are not eligible for a particular Australian Visa, we will prescribe ways or further action for you to become eligible to apply for an Australian Visa.
  • Specific migration advice will be given in your case outlining the most viable, realistic and cost effective pathway.
  • We will undertake further research or investigation on your case (if required).
  • We will explain all the legal processes involved for your case and all the costs involved (including Australian Government charges).
  • If you decide to use our services after the consultation, we will refund the consultation fee.
  • You are entitled to make one follow up phone call/ email to discuss your matter further (if required).
  • Consultation can be by Phone | At our Office | Email | Skype
  • Priority Processing - We will respond to your Detailed Assessment within 24 Hours
  • Total fee payable is $250.00 AUD (Refundable if you decide to use our services)

Free Visa Assessment Service

  • No obligation consultation and can be used by clients in any location.
  • This option is only for first time visitors.
  • Only general questions about your visa options or pathway for visas will be answered.
  • We cannot provide you with specific migration advice with this consultation. An example of specific migration advice is the visa subclass number or detailed information relating to your eligibility to apply for a particular visa.
  • Only general guidance regarding visa processes will be provided.
  • For Australian Skilled Migration we can only advise you if you are eligible or not eligible to apply. If you are eligible we will advise you on everything you need to know about Australian Skilled Migration, including our fees, Australian Government Fees, legal processes involved and the processing time.
  • This consultation CANNOT be used to discuss Visa Refusals, Cancellation or MRT / RRT appeals.
  • Consultation can only be by Phone or Email only
  • We will respond to your Free Visa Assessment within 5 working days

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