Red-Carpet-1Service Agreement

Once you have been deemed eligible to migrate to Australia by our Registered Migration Agents and a clear path to a successful visa application has been established, the next step is for us to prepare a contract between all parties involved. This ensures that high standards of service are maintained and that due diligence is carried out at all times.

Payment Terms

Upon agreement of the service contract, you will be issued with an invoice according to the payment schedule which will be reflected in your contract. For most visa applications, our professional charges are paid in instalments as you progress in the visa application process.


Red Carpet Service

The service that we offer is the most comprehensive Australian immigration service available at reasonable prices. Once your initial payment has been received, we will manage your entire visa application from start to finish; with the attention to detail that can only be provided by registered Australian Immigration Consultants who have an exhaustive knowledge of Australian immigration law.

Our service can best be described in 5 distinct stages. By approaching the application process in stages, we are able to avoid incurring unnecessary expenses, such as submission fees, until we are certain your application has the best possible chance of success.

With years of experience in providing trusted immigration advice, our staff will give you peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your application is in the hands of professionals. Immigration Law Matters provides a friendly and personalised service tailored to your own individual needs in a timely and cost efficient manner.



Detailed Assessment – Our Migration Consultants will collect, examine and assess all the information and documentation necessary for your application and inform you of your likelihood of success. We will also advise you of any factors that may increase the prospect of a successful application.


Pre-Application Stage – Every visa type has specific requirements that need to be fulfilled before a valid application can be made. We will determine the necessity of these various requirements as they relate to your chosen visa and your own personal circumstances. We will also ensure that you are in the most efficient and appropriate visa stream possible.We will send you with all the necessary information, documents, forms and next steps via email. We will work in consultation with you to prepare all applications for the relevant authorities, monitor their progress and advise you of the outcome of your assessments.
For Skilled Migration you are required to undergo a Skills Assessment to make sure your skills/qualifications are comparable to Australian Standards by an Australian Assessing Body (AAB) responsible for your Occupation. This is the most important stage in the Skilled Migration process. We will help and guide you through this process. These services are unique to Immigration Law Matters Australia.


DIAC Application Submission – We will review all the material provided by you, prepare and lodge your Immigration Application with the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). This also includes any legal submissions required to argue any issues in your case.


Processing Period – During this time, your application will go through several stages of processing. These include having your file assigned to a DIAC case officer and obtaining your medical and police clearances. At each of these stages we will guide you through the process and provide timely, accurate information. This will ensure that your application is handled correctly, and as rapidly as possible. We will keep you updated with any relevant information requests that your Case officer may have. Often if you case officer is not fully satisfied you will be asked to provide addition information.


The Decision – We will closely monitor your application until a decision on your specific case is made by DIAC. We will keep you updated every step of the way and inform you of the result of your application with DIAC. Your agent will be available to provide you with any further assistance you may require until you reach Australia in the event of a successful visa application.

Your ‘Red Carpet’ Service will also include:

Email Support

If at any stage of the application you require support from your agent with regard to your application you are free to contact us via email.

Document Certification

Original documents must be provided and will be certified in accordance with Australian immigration requirements.

Final Application Review

Before your visa application is lodged to the Department of Immigration, your application will be thoroughly reviewed by your agent.

Face-to-Face Consultation

As part of the Red Carpet Service, you are entitled to a one hour face-to-face consultation (for overseas clients this will be done through Skype) with your immigration representative.

After Hours Consultations

Busy individuals who are unavailable during the day can schedule after hours appointments to discuss their application in detail with their agent.

Weekend Email Support and Phone Support

If you require assistance with your application during weekends we are available to assist with your enquiries via email 7 days per week.