familyCulture and Family Life in Australia

While Aboriginal Australians arrived on the continent over 60,000 years ago, modern Australia has its origins in penal colonies, housing prisoners from England. In 1788, British colonization brought the iconic ‘convict culture’ still referred to today. It also instilled Christianity and sports such as rugby and cricket, still loved today. More recently, decades of immigration have combined British culture and ethnicities from all over the world to create a unique multicultural society. War has also affected the culture of this land, with the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) legend creating a deep sense of national pride. Australian culture is founded on family, equality, humour, and enjoyment of life. These values are embraced by the newcomers to Australia who continue to mold this great country.

australian-societyAustralian society

Blessed with low crime, a democratic and fair government, and high standard of living, the country is the envy of many. An environment rich in languages, cultures, and religion make it an interesting and vibrant culture to be a part of. Australians are family-oriented and love the outdoors. They also love to travel, making the culture much more open-minded than in the past. Aussies are highly social, and the food and wine culture is growing rapidly. Migrant social participation is high, and newcomers to the country are encouraged to stand up and be an Australian…enjoying everything that comes with that privilege!

parentingChildren & parents

Many migrants come to Australia to provide their children a better future. This major change can be difficult including leaving family support behind and navigating a new culture, all while getting settled. We offer advice on parenting in Australia, and services to assist you in raising children in your new home.

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