Australia is a huge country. The road network is approximately 910,000 km long, with the drive from Sydney to Perth being 4,078 km!

This section explains the different ways to travel and commute, including public transport, driving, taxis, trains, and flying. Many migrants buy a car soon after arrival, so we guide you through the steps of purchasing a new or used vehicle. We also explain how to either exchange or attain an Australian driver’s license.

Buying a car

There are many steps in buying your first new or used car in Australia. Knowing the process will get you started. more

Public transportation

Depending on where you live in Australia, public transport might include buses, trains, trams, light-rail systems, and/or ferries. more

Getting a driver’s licence

Many migrants can simply show their national licence and receive an Australian one. Others must go through the full process of getting a licence. more

Catching a taxi

As in most countries, you catch (get) a taxi on the road by waving it down. You can also telephone for one to come and pick you up. more

Living in Australia